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Christine Keogh

A multidisciplinary artist working primarily with textiles and painting. Keogh fell in love with textiles from a young age when she would use her mother’s crank handle sewing machine to create clothes for her childhood toys. Originally from Norfolk, England, Keogh moved to Scotland and earned a degree in fashion and textile design from Edinburgh College of Art. After graduation she immigrated to the United States where she pursued a career in textile design. 

For Keogh, who often incorporates vintage textiles in her work, the predetermined patterns and textures of found fabric are inspiration for new ways of seeing. A green and beige stripe becomes the grass beneath the foot of an alligator, or a black zig zag is precisely cut out to become an eyelash. In this way, her work is the result of an ongoing dialogue between image and material. Sometimes the finished piece is stretched and framed while other times it is sewn together to become a pillow. Keogh's graphic sensibility and technical skill allow her to play with where a piece will be viewed in a space and how it will be interacted with. For her, a pillow is a painting that is exciting because of its unexpected placement.

Combining her love of textiles, art and her background in design Keogh launched Una Home Accents in 2016 where you can find her unique creations for interiors. Currently, Keogh lives and works in Charlotte, NC. 

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